Voice Over

With the world becoming digital at a very fast pace, the importance of voice activated services is gaining importance. With our state-of- the-art recording studio, Earth Lingua is a leading Voice over services provider. We are the leading provider of IVRS, recording services for audio jingles, post production work for documentaries and audio books in India. Our high quality microphones, digital processers and controllers allow us to eliminate unwanted background sounds completely while allowing us to introduce the desired ones seamlessly to make it sound natural.

Our trained and expert engineers are masters in mixing and post production works. They manually and painstakingly work on including or removing minutest of the details from the soundtrack making it error free and perfectly right to achieve the desired effect on output.

We also have an in-house talent pool of voice artists. Our artists are so versatile that till date we never felt the need to look for outside talent for any of our projects. This not only improves the quality multi-fold, but also allows us to turnaround the project faster than what is conventionally required.

Earth Lingual is known as the leading provider of multi-media services in India. The clips that we create are precise, crystal clear and effective such that they are bound to cause the desired reaction from the listener that was intended.

Most of the clients that we work with have been choosing us over others for their new assignments. Most of our new clients are referred by our existing ones.


We provide service for all of media including TV AND radio commercials, corporate productions, E-Learning, Animations, Phone prompts, IVR-Interactive Voice, on-Hold Messages, auto attendant messages, Video Audio and narration, Podcast audio, Talking books and voice to pictures. We work with different agencies and companies such as media stations, publication & production houses, advertising agencies, TV channels and radio stations, translation companies and telecom providers- infact anyone who needs this service as voice over!