Desktop Publishing

Desktop Services has become a strategic alternative when faced with limited internal resources and the need to focus on core business goals. Usually desktop services at Earth Lingua help you to reduce cost and risk by:

The desktop service experts in Earth Lingua specialize in the design and development of relational-database systems for our customers, using software like:

Adobe Frame Maker




Corel DRAW

Quark XPress

Adobe In Design

Desktop Services at Earth Lingua, New Delhi has a solid track record of developing effective, complex solutions. At the same time, we make sure that the customer's interface is simple, and easy to use. Our desktop solutions are customized to your unique needs. Earth Lingua is always ready to work with you to identify the right approach for your desktop related work.

Desktop publishing job at Earth Lingua is done with utmost agility, precision and creativity by our DTP team. Our teammates' knowledge of multilingual layout in almost 100 languages makes the desktop services most reliable and error free. With our Desktop Services you benefit from a unique blend of advantages like consistent cost, higher productivity, full IT service, unique information and global reach from one of the world's most international companies