Certified Translation Services

There are certain documents that an individual may have which are very personal in nature but are also legally binding on an individual to posses. Generally, such documents indicate the status of the individual on that particular parameter. For Indians wanting to visit/immigrate abroad or foreign nationals wanting to immigrate to India, both have to get their personal documents translated into a locally accepted language to be acknowledged as relevant. Also, such documents need to be certified by the translators as being authentically translated establishing the fact that the meaning of the document upon translation has come out as intended and has not been misinterpreted or wrong.

Such documents usually are the Birth Certificates, Marriage/Divorce Certificates, Educational Mark sheets, Diploma/Degree Certificates, Certified Medical History, Vaccination certificates, Character Certificates, financial records, tax receipts, bank statements, Wills, Partnership Deeds, land/ownership related documents etc.

It is important to choose the right Certified Translation agency while translating such documents because accuracy of the translated text is very important in these cases.

Earth Lingua is one of India’s leading Certified Translation agencies with experience of dealing with multiple Indian and foreign languages. Also, documents translated by us have been accepted by almost all the embassies/consulates world over due to their accuracy. Earth Lingua is a member of multiple national and International Translation Associations and has highly experienced and talented translators and proofreaders on board and that to in almost all the languages spoken in India and abroad.

Besides being economical, Earth Lingua has a reputation of being on-time once it gets a go ahead from its clients.