Voice Over

The state-of-the-art recording studio of Earth Lingua is equipped to undertake professional IVR recording services. Our large diaphragm condenser microphones have the capability to record sound in highest quality possible today. All our voice over assignments are recorded on such cutting edge digital pieces of equipment.

Every assignment files thus produced is edited manually by professional engineers. These engineers make sure that the final output is free of unwanted background noises, breaths and pauses, including head and tail of each file, thereby ensuring error-free and smooth playback. Our voice talent pool is so versatile, that till date we never felt the need to search for talent outside of this pool, enabling us to achieve quick turnaround for our assignments.

Our state-of-the-art recording studio coupled with a versatile voice talent pool has resulted in repeat orders from our customers. Infact, most new customer who avail of our services are referred by our existing customers themselves. Irrespective of your project complexity, rest assured that we are equipped to undertake your voice recording assignment successfully.

With Earth Lingua's Multi-media services, you are assured of creating messages that are of highest quality, easy to comprehend and easier to download. Such messages are bound to increase your web traffic and impact your business profitability positively.