Translation Services in Rourkela

"Rourkela" literally explains to be "Our Village" which is received from Rour which means "our" and kela means "village" in the language Sadri spoken by the Rautia tribe. Mahabharata was written by Maharshi Vyash here. River Brahamani evolved from this sangam and is named so due to the birth place of Maharshi Vedavyash. Later part of nineteenth century a big festival was organized by zamindar of Kuanramunda on the eve of SHIVRATRI or JAGAR celebrated in the month of March. Rourkela Township is divided into two which are Census of India as Steel Township and Civil Township. The railway line between Nagpur and Howrah by BNR Railways passes through Rourkela station. Translation Agency will find this beautiful state, a great place to provide great Translation Services.