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Translation Agency in Jamnagar

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Jamnagar is a coastal town situated in Gujarat. It is famous for having the only Ayurvedic University in India. It is also home to all three defense forces in India. The town is also well known for its 'Brass Products', 'Bandhani' and handicrafts. The old section of the town has quiet a few of ancient structures, such as the "Darbar Gadh", "Mandvi Tower", "Jam Bungalow". Darbar-Gadh was a gathering place where the Maharaja of Nawa-nagar used to hold public audience/Darbar. They also have “Bal Hanuman Mandir” in the Guinness Book of World Records for the continuous chant of ram from 1 August, 1964. This ancient city rich in culture and history has a great potential for expansion for multilingual Translation Agency as it can provide trained professionals with a great back ground.
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