As the world is getting smaller, the need to reach out to a larger audience was felt by the multimedia producers. For doing this, language emerged as the biggest barrier. However, by dubbing the soundtrack, this issue was handled very effectively. Today, almost all the software made is produced with an intention to dub it in desired language.

Simply put, Dubbing is the art of introducing voice in a different language while maintaining the same impact or effect as the original one. The original soundtrack could have been in any languages, but by dubbing into the local language, the audience reach is increased manifold. Thus dubbing increases the audience numbers drastically.

In Dubbing, only the spoken word is changed, while the entire background and music remains unchanged. While movies are credited to have introduced dubbing to the world, dubbing is today used by almost all the multi-media sectors like advertisement & communication, training & knowledge videos, television serials, audio books etc.

Unlike translation or interpretation, in Dubbing the only aspect that changes is the audio of the human characters. The entire background music, special effects etc remain unchanged in dubbing. Dubbing ensures that the voice is able to carry the same emotions and feeling as was intended in the original one.

Earth Lingua is one of India's best dubbing service providers. We have an ultra modern studio in New Delhi that manned by qualified engineers. We also have a support team of writers and linguist who help us create a perfectly matching script in the desired language, Indian or foreign, from any language. Then with the help of professional voice artists, we then execute the project.

Timely execution of the project coupled with the fact that the output is exactly matching with the emotions and intentions of the original, Earth Lingua has become a name to reckon with this in this industry.

We are a Specialist with it comes to dubbing of scripts that belong to categories like entertainment, infotainment, educational and corporate films (training and promotional).